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We believe that the term healthy is not restricted to the physical self but also the mental well-being. We heal not just the body but also the mind. Here, we provide holistic healing through medications, panchakarma therapy, yoga and pranayama, in line with the guiding principles of Ayurveda.

Shree Vishwarekha Ayurvediya Chikitsalaya avum Panchakarma Kendra was founded on 21st June 2014, with the blessings of our guru Rajvaidya Shri Sameer Jamadagni sir and Sadhguru shri Anandnath Maharaj. While we embarked on this journey, our motto was to create awareness regarding Ayurveda and provide our patients with the most authentic ayurvedic treatment.


Dr. Nikhil A Randive

Dr. Nikhil is the founder and managing director of shri vishwarekha.

After completing his bachelors degree in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS), he found his guiding force, his guru, Dr Sameer jamadagni sir. He spent 2 years learning under his guidance, the basic principles of Ayurveda and got the opportunity to treat thousands of patients under sir’s guidance. He is MD Ayurveda and excels at accurately diagnosing diseases as per the ayurvedic parameters and nadi parikshan, and provides the most authentic ayurvedic treatment in the form of medicines, panchakarma therapy, yoga, and diet.


Dr. Tanvi N Randive

Dr. Tanvi is the production head of Shri Vishwarekha chikitsalaya

She completed her bachelors degree in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery(BAMS) from sumatibhai shah ayurvedic mahavidyalaya, pune and thereafter post-graduated in ayurvedic pharmaceuticals. She has experience in ayurvedic pharmacy management and ayurvedic drug production and excels at preparing authentic, classical and customised drug formulations for the patients.

With accurate diagnosis, and medicines customised and prepared by the doctors themselves, yoga, dietary consultation, and panchakarma therapies, we provide you with not just the best treatments but also a healthy lifestyle.