Lifestyle and dietary management

According to ayurveda, the mind and consciousness is as important as the physical body. Therefore, the concept of health must address not just the body but also the mind and soul. The best preventive medicine and support of the natural healing process is a diet and lifestyle specific to your constitutional needs and in line with the seasons and cycles of nature.

Ayurveda offers some basic dietary guidelines that can benefit everyone’s health. For instance, it is important to eat at appropriate times of the day and in accordance with the body’s natural rhythm.

Along with a balanced diet, incorporating other healthy habits into a daily routine can prevent disease at its very root. Ayurveda refers to daily healthy routine as ‘Dinacharya’, which is the art of living in awareness with every activity of the day. In this context a seemingly mundane act can become a mindful meditation. A lifestyle which incorporates regular eating and sleeping habits, as well as this daily routine, will bring discipline and help maintain the harmony of the doshas, thus promoting overall good health.